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The Team
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                                             'our ambition is to help achieve yours'
The Executive Consortium is a group of independent executives who have extensive experience delivering at a strategic board level whilst also being comfortable functioning operationally within a business. 


We are a collaborative network of independent business professionals whose aims are to offer a diverse range of services to SME businesses. We also assist each other's business networking activities.


Members have extensive commercial expertise and experience of :

  • Strategy & Non-Executive Directorships
  • Full or Part Time Executive Directorships
  • Executive Search
  • Financial Management & Direction
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Banking
  • Executive Mentoring & Coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate Governance and M&A projects


Our 'vision' and 'mission' are clear, increasing Shareholder wealth through support and guidance to the Executive Board. Membership of the Consortium is restricted, being regulated by personal invite only, to individuals who have previous experience of working together and for whom core 'values' such as integrity and respect are an overriding ethos.


Client projects are undertaken on an individual basis, or by engaging an established b2bax team. Our flexible approach includes engagement in part time Executive roles and the possibility of 'sweat equity' arrangements, to ensure a value added service for clients. Please feel free to 'meet the team' and refer to 'individual profiles'



For further information please contact :
    Chris Harvey on +44 7798 914752 or e-mail to
or David Smith on +44 7905 526896 or e-mail to